Characters of carbon bike frame

Carbon fiber is a solidification of carbon fibers and resin.which is very light ,but the problem is,it does with the tensile strength but easy to break(because it is Directional material).

To eliminate such shortcomings,carbon bike factories apply the method of using several carbon fiber layers of overlapping.

And we can see the main Characters of carbon bike frame are Light,deformation resistance and good in toughness.While it is not easy to apply the excellent characters of carbon fiber fully,technically speaking.The main reasons are as follow.

Firstly, different carbon fiber manufacturers supply with different quality.

Secondly,concerning the cost,it is not possible for carbon bike frame manufacturers to use top grade carbon fiber for their frames.Despite these practical problems,there are still obviously advantage of carbon fiber frames rather than other materials.

For example,to make the frame around 1 kg and the full bike less than 8kgs,which is much lighter than aluminum bikes.Especially when you are riding climbing the hill.there is not any felt of the pull back force like you are riding a aluminum bike.

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